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Imagine cruising down the mighty Mississippi or exploring the hidden coves of Cherokee Lake, does it feel like a quintessential Tennessee dream? You bet!

But just how many Tennesseans actually own a boat to live this dream?

Cast off the line, and let’s navigate the waters of boat ownership in the Volunteer State!

  • Substantial Boat Ownership in Tennessee: Tennessee features 35.624 boats and yachts per 1,000 residents, representing 2.086% of the total U.S. recreational boat registrations, indicating a strong engagement with boating among the state’s population.
  • Natural and Recreational Appeal: The state’s extensive waterways, including major rivers and lakes, support a vibrant boating scene. Tennessee’s natural beauty and outdoor culture contribute to boating being a popular and communal activity.
  • Economic Significance and Environmental Efforts: The boating sector significantly impacts Tennessee’s economy, especially in recreation and tourism. Initiatives for sustainable boating practices demonstrate the state’s dedication to preserving its water resources for future enjoyment.

How Many People Own Boats in the United States?

Boating in the U.S. is more than a pastime; it’s a manifestation of a longstanding affinity with the water. A fleet of 17 million recreational boats and yachts, encompassing 13 million registered and 4 million unregistered craft, sails across American waters.

This figure highlights the country’s deep-rooted maritime culture and the pivotal role boating plays in enriching recreational life and the economy.

How Many People Own Boats in Tennessee?

The Volunteer State harbors a dynamic boating community.

With a ratio of 35.624 boats and yachts per 1,000 people, Tennessee accounts for 2.086% of the U.S. recreational boat and yacht registrations.

These numbers suggest that Tennesseans embrace their abundant waterways, with boating engrained as a preferred form of recreation and lifestyle.

Why Are There Many Boats in Tennessee?

Tennessee’s high rate of boat ownership stems from its picturesque landscapes and extensive waterways, including rivers like the Mississippi and recreational hotspots like Norris Lake.

The state’s rich outdoor culture promotes boating as an essential leisure activity, fostering community spirit and creating a thriving market for all forms of waterborne pursuits.

Economic and Environmental Impact

Tennessee’s boating industry plays a vital role in the state’s recreation and tourism sectors, with its rivers and lakes offering unparalleled opportunities for water-based activities.

The state is committed to ensuring the sustainability of these activities through responsible boating practices and initiatives aimed at protecting aquatic environments.

Getting Young People Involved

Efforts to engage young people in boating in Tennessee focus on education and accessibility, offering programs that teach the joys and responsibilities of boating.

These initiatives aim to instill a sense of environmental stewardship, ensuring that future generations can enjoy Tennessee’s waterways while respecting the natural world.


Which state has the most boats in the United States?

Florida has the most registered boats in the United States, attributed to its extensive coastline and year-round boating season. Its favorable climate and countless boating destinations solidify its top position.

Which state has the most yachts in the United States?

Florida also leads in the number of yachts, thanks to its prestigious image as a hub for luxury boating. The state’s numerous marinas and vibrant yachting events highlight its allure among yacht owners.

Is boating popular in Tennessee?

Boating is quite popular in Tennessee, with its numerous lakes and rivers offering ample opportunities for boating activities. The state’s scenic beauty and accessible waterways attract a variety of boating enthusiasts.

Source: uscgboating.org & census.gov.

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