Global Ocean Race Teams (2011-2012)

In the 2011-12 Global Ocean Race (GOR), several teams competed in the Class 40 category with double-handed crews, showcasing a mix of experience and strategic prowess.

Dutch sailor Nico Budel led “Team Sec. Hayai,” accompanied by co-skippers Ruud van Rijsewijk, Frans Budel, Bas Bax-Kiburg, and Erik van Vuuren. Intriguingly, Budel’s sons, Frans and Bas, were part of this dynamic team. Budel was the constant crew member throughout the race, with his co-skippers rotating at different stopovers.

“Team Cessna Citation” was spearheaded by Conrad Colman and Sam Goodchild. Colman initially entered the GOR anonymously in February 2010, later revealing his participation. He chartered “Jasmine Flyer,” an Akilaria RC2 launched in Tunisia in May 2011, subsequently renamed “Cessna Citation.” For Leg 2 of the race, Goodchild, a sailor from the Artemis Offshore Academy, joined Colman.

Marco Nannini’s “Financial Crisis” team, with Hugo Ramon as the co-skipper, secured third place in GOR Leg 1. Nannini had changed his co-skipper for Leg 2, opting for the expertise of the Spanish sailor Ramon.

The “Phesheya-Racing” team, consisting of Nick Leggatt and Phillippa Hutton-Squire, had an impressive background, including completing three transatlantic voyages and two Round Britain & Ireland Races. Their experience was reflected in their commendable performances in various Class40 events.

Miranda Merron and Halvard Mabire formed the Anglo-French duo for “Campagne de France.” They entered the race with the newly designed Finot-Conq Design Pogo S².

The New Zealand team “BSL,” featuring Ross and Campbell Field, brought a substantial offshore racing background to the race. They had acquired the Guillaume Verdier Design Class40 “Desafio Cabo de Hornos,” which had previously achieved second place in the 2008-09 GOR’s double-handed class.